Mystic Market Westport | Daily Specials
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Daily Specials

– Monday, April 15th –

Sandwich Specials

Big Bad Wolf

with Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, Sliced Apple, Honey Cup Mustard

Soup Specials

Shrimp and Corn Chowder

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili (V, GF)

Black Bean( V, GF)


– Tuesday, April 16th –

Sandwich Specials

Chicken Salad Wrap

with Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad, Lettuce, Tomato, Spinach Wrap

Soup Specials

Moroccan Lamb (DF, GF)

Chicken Buffalo Noodle

Butternut Squash (V, GF)


– Wednesday, April 17th –

Sandwich Specials

Smokehouse Beef Brisket

with House smoked Beff Brisket, American Cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ sauce, Foccacia

Soup Specials

Tuscan White Bean

Hearty Beef and Vegetable (DF, GF)

Basque Potatoe (GF)


– Thursday, April 18th –

Sandwich Specials

Thai Chicken Wrap

with Grilled Chicken, Cilantro Slaw, Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce

Soup Specials

Potato Leek (GF)

Carrot Ginger (GF,V)

Turkey and Rice (DF)


– Friday, April 19th –

Sandwich Specials

Tremendous Tuna Wrap

with Tuna Salad, Havarti Cheese, Spring Mix, Tomato, Banana Pepper, Spinach Wrap

Soup Specials

Vegan Lentil (V, GF)

Beef And Barley (DF)

Manhattan Clam Chowder (DF)


– Saturday, April 20th –

Sandwich Specials

Black Forest Ham

with Black Forest Ham, Brie, Onion Jam, Honeycup Mustard, on Multigrain

Soup Specials

Split Pea (GF, DF)

Cheeseburger Soup

Roasted tomato and red Pepper (V, GF)


Our Weekly Specials

Fried Cauliflower

Vegetable Pot Pie

Short Rib Enchiladas

Grilled Curry Tofu with Coconut Rice


Grilled Swordfish, Sautéed Kale, Edamame, Quinoa

Pork Katsu, Thai Slaw

Ravioli Carbonara, Spring pea Ravioli, Thin Sliced Prosciutto, Peas, Creamy Parmesan

Salmon Provencal

Baby Beet Salad,

( baby arugula, watermelon radish, pistachio, goat cheese, Balsamic Glaze)