Mystic Market South | Daily Specials
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Daily Specials

– Monday, February 17th –

Sandwich Specials

The Arthur Ave. Combo

w/ Mortadella, Sopressata, Genoa, Fresh Mozzarella, Peppers and Pesto Mayo on Ciabatta

Soup Specials

Vegan Lentil(GF)

Creamy Potato Leek (GF)

Pasta Fagioli (DF)


– Tuesday, February 18th –

Sandwich Specials

Grilled Chicken Wrap

w/ Smoked Cheddar, Roast Apples, Bacon, Spinach and Ranch in a Spinach wrap

Soup Specials

Vegan Curried Cauliflower(GF)

Double Corn Chipotle Chowder

Lamb Barley and Mushroom


– Wednesday, February 19th –

Sandwich Specials

Corned Beef Reuben

Toasted w/ Corned Beef Brisket, Swiss, Sauerkraut and Russian Dressing on Rye

Soup Specials

Vegan Black Bean(GF)

New England Clam Chowder

Beef Noodle and Vegetable (DF)


– Thursday, February 20th –

Sandwich Specials

The Crispy Pesto Pizza

w/ Fried Dough, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Pesto Sauce and Parmesan

Soup Specials

Vegan Butternut & Apple(GF/DF)

Tomato Basil Bisque

Chicken Gumbo (GF)


– Friday, February 21st –

Sandwich Specials

Tremendous Tuna Wrap

w/ our Tuna Salad, Dill Havarti, Mesclun, Tomato and Banana Peppers in a Spinach Wrap

Soup Specials

Vegan Carrot Ginger(GF)

Rhode Island Clam Chowder (GF)

Split Pea w/ Ham (DF/GF)


– Saturday, February 22nd –

Sandwich Specials

The Teriyaki Torpedo

w/ Shaved Steak Teriyaki, Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Pineapple Slaw

Soup Specials

Vegan Tomato Red Pepper(GF)

Cauliflower Cheddar (GF)

Pork Chile Verde (GF/DF)


Our Weekly Specials

Korean Kalbi Steak, Sushi Rice and Spicy Steamed Eggplant

Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese

Asian Pork and Cabbage Dumplings, Teriyaki Sauce

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

Scalloped Potatoes with Ham


Tempura Shrimp Bento Box

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Mixed Greens, Cabbage, Carrots, Snow Peas, Cucumber, Tomato, Pineapple

Festive Farro Salad

w/ Peppers, Edamame, Red Onion, Watermelon Radish, Scallions and Amonds